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The Association is for everyone living in  Ludlow so they can exchange views and ideas on all things relevant to the town.

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Community wide 20 mph speed limits are now recognised as the single most effective action that local councils can take to promote health and safety in their communities.

20 mph wide area limits are widely accepted in countries across the world, already apply to 15 million people in the UK and are supported by the Word Health Organisation and Directors for Public Health (nationally).   80% of households surveyed in problem streets in Ludlow have already voted for a community-wide 20 mph speed limit - your.

20 mph wide area limits target all residential and town centre streets where people live, play or work.

20 mph wide area limits are implemented without the expense and aggravation of traffic calming measures such as speed bumps.

20 mph wide area limits drastically reduce road signage and the confusion of 40, 30, 20 – 20, 30, 40 mph variable limits.   20 mph signs at entry points to the town announce a common mandatory speed limit throughout.

20 mph wide area limits improve traffic flow and reduce fuel consumption, congestion and pollution, are supported by 75 – 80% of people as the right speed limit for most streets and      promote a culture change in how public spaces are used.



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Ludlow Portcullis and Station Drive Doctors published the following press release in response to the recent news regarding the review of community services. Please read and send your coments to  Shropshire CCG as well as the local MP.

The partners of Ludlow medical practices are surprised by the public launch of the community services review in the media where it has been announced that a working document will be discussed in the CCG Board meeting tomorrow. We feel this discussion is premature as the data used in this working document is still incomplete and can be potentially misleading and may lead to bias. A number of requests have been made to the CCG to improve the data so that it is more accurate, more representative and less subject to potential bias and many of our requests have been ignored.

Dr Catherine Beanland, has been involved in the process of the community services review and it has been made clear to her on several occasions that community services are seen by some members of the CCG as too expensive. We do not believe this is the case as many areas such as South Shropshire, that rely heavily on community services do not spend more money in the overall, wider health economy.

Repeatedly, we have been told that it is unfair that Shrewsbury patients do not have similar access to community services and hospitals in their area. We would respond that Shrewsbury patients have excellent access to an acute district hospital that is at their doorstep so they do not need community hospital beds as much as South Shropshire patients.

We believe that statistics and data in the document are being used in a misleading and biased way in order to favour the closure of some or all community hospitals. As rural doctors we feel It is unfair for our patients to have to travel 30 miles to the nearest acute hospital without any consideration of their local needs.

If the CCG uses this misleading and biased data in order to cause the closure of Ludlow Hospital and therefore save money while at the same time improving access further for

Shrewsbury patients to community hospital beds we feel this would an incredibly unfair thing for the CCG to do and the partners at Ludlow will not accept this without a fight.

We want to make it clear that we are not happy with the accuracy of the working document published by the community services review group and that we do not feel that the views of all doctors in the group or their suggestions for improvement have been acted upon.

Therefore we are considering potentially disengaging with the group as we have lost confidence in the CCG’s ability to be fair and unbiased in their documentation.


Drs Beanland, Cook, Farnell Harris, Morton, and Yarham

GP Partners in Ludlow

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