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The Association is for everyone living in  Ludlow so they can exchange views and ideas on all things relevant to the town.

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Ludlow Assembly Rooms is Celebrating the start of its major transformation project as the final piece of the jigsaw has been put into place. Shropshire Council and the Ludlow and District Community Association (LDCA) – (the community-based charity which runs South Shropshire’s arts and community centre) have signed a lease for the whole building.  This will allow the £2million project to successfully get underway.

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Data Protection Regulations

New Data Protection rules come into force  24 May 2018.

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To view the Association’s Data Protection Statement taking the new regulations into account

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Current revised Shropshire Council parking proposal consultation.

In the interest of clarity, the committee of LTC&RA would like to make it clear that the Association’s efforts are being directed towards the revision of Red/Blue Zone parking permits to ensure the prevention of abuse of the system. To this end we favour, and have requested, the introduction of ANPR [Automatic Number Plate Recognition] technology. This system ties a car automatically to its registered address as well as confirming that it is both taxed and insured. It will ensure that only cars registered to residents will be entitled to a Red/Blue Zone permit.

All the remaining proposed changes, especially those directed at Market Trader concessions, are seen as detrimental to the economy  of Ludlow and are firmly opposed by the Association. Shropshire Council have been made aware of this position on more than one occasion.

At no time has the membership authorized the committee to support any other view  than this. Members are reminded that, whilst they  are perfectly entitled to make any personal opinions they have known to the authorities, they cannot comment officially on behalf of LTC&RA.

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A member of Ludlow Dementia Action Alliance - Working to make Ludlow a Dementia Friendly Community