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The Association is for everyone living in  Ludlow so they can exchange views and ideas on all things relevant to the town.

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 Ludlow Residents’ Association

[formerly Ludlow Town Centre Residents Association]

Following the recent Annual General Meeting and the subsequent correspondence, your committee met to discuss your views for the future and the implications for the Association [now LRA]. At this meeting the committee members were universally concerned that we should still represent our community especially as we have probably the largest membership of any group in the town.

The purpose of the Ludlow  Residents’ Association is to be “the voice of the people”. With this in mind, it has been decided that the work already being done by the Community Led Plan for the town to provide a vision for the future, should form the centre of our attention in the coming months. This is why we propose that we throw our combined weight behind the creation and implementation of this plan.

We hope to arrange a presentation soon for the whole of the membership outlining the results, the ongoing analysis of the collected data and highlighting areas of the project that we can all become involved in. We sincerely hope that you will all consider helping our town fulfil its potential. This is a way of doing that so we would urge everyone to attend this presentation and see just what needs be done.

It is hoped that the full report, prepared as a result of the questionnaire, will be available on line soon. Once that is the case, we will send you a link to it, and also put it on the website. The work on this plan if for the people and will be by the people. We very much hope that you will be one of those helping in this vital process.

In the meantime, your committee will continue to keep you informed as to life in Ludlow and hope that we can count on your continued support.

Robin Pote

For the committee of Ludlow Residents’ Association

Nov. 2018

Latest information on the 20mph speed limit proposal for Ludlow.

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