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The Association is for everyone living in  Ludlow so they can exchange views and ideas on all things relevant to the town.

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Annual General Meeting

9th October, at 7 pm in the Methodist Church (top room)

I would entreat you to read this email carefully and consider if, and how, you feel you can contribute. There is no quick way to explain our intentions, so please read through to the end.

In most years, we have arranged for speakers from the Town or Unitary councils, representatives of local organisations, the Police etc. However, this year we are proposing a different kind of meeting. Once the regular business such as electing the Committee and Officers is completed we feel the time is right to discuss the whole purpose and scope of the Association.

Everyone will be aware that this is a time of change within the town, business rates are threatening our High Street, the Unitary Council in Shrewsbury has threatened the viability of our thriving market, thankfully averted.  We live in a time of austerity, Brexit is creating uncertainty, and housing and other developments in the area are creating pressure on us all.

All of these uncertainties and possible changes mean the role of the Association should adapt and keep abreast of the times. Consequently, we would like to invite you, the membership, to join the committee in a free and frank debate about the Constitution, scope, role and future direction of LTC&RA. We would like as many members as possible to attend the meeting and to be prepared to get involved in discussions with thoughts and ideas.  In fairness to all, and not least the Committee, we would ask that you submit either questions or some information about the matters you would like discussed and your viewpoints on them, to the Secretary before the meeting so that we can sort them into similar areas and make them available to all before they arrive at the meeting. Whilst questions will obviously arise during the meeting some order and preparation is essential to create a rough agenda order.

We look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts and ideas not later than Sunday September 10 th.

Robin Pote


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