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New Park Charges in Ludlow come into effect.

Shropshire Council blocks early review  of  Ludlow’s  Parking   by Andy  Boddington

I attended Shropshire Council cabinet yesterday morning to press the case for a review of the new parking regime due in May to be brought forward to March. This was refused outright. This means that any changes will not be implemented until mid-summer, if not longer. But people are struggling right now with the new regime. Visitors who want to book a self-catering apartment or a B&B room are being put off by having to park up to one kilometre away.

We need the economy of our town to thrive. Parking is part of our economic package. But Shropshire Council doesn’t understand that. It doesn’t mention trade and the economy at all in its response to my question.

Anger and confusion about the new parking permit regime is growing. It’s not just in Ludlow. Bridgnorth residents are angry too. This morning, I called on the council’s cabinet to bring it planned May review of the regime forward to March to troubleshoot problems with permits. Answer. No.

There was no debate. Shropshire Council is a council where opposition members can only get something on a policy agenda through a question or motion. No motions are allowed at cabinet. My only option was a question. The full text of the question and answer are below.

The answer admits: “It is true to say… issues will manifest themselves and local dynamics will undoubtedly apply.” The answer proceeds to describe the situation in Bridgnorth and says that will be sorted out. Lucky Bridgnorth residents are to get waivers on permit charges until the problems are resolved.

Turning to Ludlow, one of the main problems has been arranging parking for B&B and self-catering visitors. They used to be handed a scratchcard. But the council has scrapped these and insists that all permits must be digital.

Imagine. Your guests arrive in the middle of the afternoon on Mill Street. You tell them to drop off their suitcases and go and park in Galdeford or Smithfield. They can either hike up to a kilometre to get back or drive back to park after 6pm. But you must warn them there will a yellow ticket on their windscreen if they stop more than few minutes after 8am the next day. Obviously, every tourist wants to be out of their accommodation before 8am. We all know this to be true.

The council insists it will not go back to scratchcards. But it does acknowledge that “some capacity [in Ludlow] could be made available for holiday lettings, although this would utilise the new permit system rather than scratch cards.”

That means that if visitors wish to lie in the morning, or even finish breakfast, they will have to purchase on-street time on the council’s digital system, MI permit. That’s great for tourism.

“Take a romantic break in Ludlow. You can book your parking space from the comfort of your bed.”

I predict that could become Ludlow’ marketing slogan of 2019.