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        Annual General Meeting Important message from the Chairman

Dear Members,

Following on from the Association’s AGM held last week at the Methodist Church, the committee would like to inform you of some decisions that were reached and a situation that has arisen. You will be aware from the literature you were sent prior to the AGM that a proposal was put forward that the Association [LTCRA] should become more inclusive of Ludlow as a whole and that the name of the Association should reflect this. We tweaked the name slightly last year to LTC&RA but as this was outside an AGM it automatically reverts are at the next one. The name ‘Ludlow Residents Association’ was proposed, seconded and passed. Thus LRA is now the offical acronym for the Association. Also passed were some other changes in the constitution that describe the boundaries of the new LRA. The area now represented is the Civil Parish of Ludlow i.e. the area encompassed by the 7 electoral wards of the Ludlow Town Council [LTC].

Following this business, there was a frank discussion as to the purpose and future path of LRA. There were some critical comments raised, as you will be aware from the information you received prior to the AGM.  These were discussed at length at the meeting. Questions from the floor also queried what the Association had achieved in the last 12 months and what its overall purpose was.The outcome of this discussion was an invitation for members to become more involved and for sub-committees to be formed to pursue solutions and to, effectively, raise the profile of LRA within the community.

At the end of the meeting, 3 members put their names to a list to be involved with a further single person possible. A few days later, we received a letter of suggested areas in which LRA could be involved. Some of these were subjects in which the committee had already been involved in the past. As an example, dog fouling was the first item listed. Two years ago the committee was involved in a raising of the profile of the problem instigated, I believe, by Councillor Viv Parry. 3 members of the committee posed with Viv for a photograph that accompanied an article in The Advertiser. A further comment suggested support for Ludlow In Bloom. The Association supports LiB annually with a grant [see yearly accounts]. Also included was a criticism of the committee for proposing a grant of £1000 to support LTC in a bid to upgrade our inadequate CCTV system despite the fact that the membership were given the opportunity to comment on this and the few responses received were positive.

This letter also suggested that 棚t is untenable for the membership to be invited to an AGM where the achievements of the previous year are in fact nil.  Leaving aside the constantly updated website www.ludlowresidents.co.uk ,managed by Richard Ellis, and the role of the Secretary, Linda Mahalski,  in keeping the membership continually informed about events and important issues in the town, including entreating members to get involved in issues such as the new parking proposals, there has been a thorough response to the parking restriction proposals both by the committee both as individuals and on behalf of LRA. In response to the latter, a sub-committee chaired by Tom Caulcott met Unitary Council parking officers, at their request, to discuss Ludlow’s particular concerns.

We have supported the business community in its campaign over increased business rates. We have been represented on groups involved with the Green Festival and the Jo Cox memorial day, the Big Get Together, as well as Dementia Action Alliance. We are represented on the newly formed Emergency Planning group. We are the only group that questions LTC on their performance at the Annual Town Meeting each year, and finally we organise and lay a wreath, on behalf of the Association, at the Remembrance  Ceremony at the Peace Memorial each November.

You will all be aware from regular emails, that we have been trying to recruit members to join the committee for over 18 months. Since I was elected to the Town Council I have found the inroads into my time considerable and have been asking the committee to release me. I have finally decided that I have to follow this through and, at the AGM, I tendered my resignation to take effect on 31 December 2018. When this happens the numbers on the committee fall below the required number of 6. Linda Mahalski who, as Secretary, keeps the whole information service and emails to the membership going, has also tendered her resignation and wishes to leave as soon as a replacement can be found.

This is not intended to be an ultimatum to you, the members, but the current committee feel that they have worked hard to move the Association forward and keep it functioning with no new blood coming forward. We have entreated the membership for support, held special meetings with invited members to recruit new blood. All has been to no avail. Unless a resolution to this can be found, LRA cannot continue to function in any meaningful way.

The committee meet again on 23rd October and will be discussing this whole matter, the fallout from the AGM and the way forward. We welcome your comments, suggestions and offers of help for us to add to the discussion and we will inform you of the outcome of that meeting as soon as we can.

On behalf of the Committee

Robin Pote, Chairman